Tabernacl Resurgence

The village of Efail Isaf kept the Welsh language and character for may years, and there is no doubt that the chapel was a great help. As in every chapel there were generations of leaders and supporters who were a backbone of the Welsh life.  The Rev D. Stanley Jones was minister here for years and the chapel children's choir was very succesful. But the foreign influences affected the declining cause in Tabernacl.

At the end of the 1960's there were only 40 members and those were mainly pensioners. English was the language of the Sunday School and consideration was give to changing the language of the Services to English.

But new blood arrived, fresh energy, and boundless enthusiasm. As the Welsh schools were established in the area more and more Welsh speakers were attracted to settle in the area and missionary work started anew.  The Rev.  D. Eirian Rees was made Minister with valuable support from people like Edward Morris-Jones and Penri Jones, and slowly there was a change of fortune.  

Side by side with the new life in the chapel, Efail Isaf became a centre for a number of social and cultural activities. Eisteddfod Y Garth was held at the start of the 1970's, and although it has now disappeared, Côr Godre’r Garth grew from it. Later Côr Merched y Garth and Parti’r Efail were established, the three groups practising regularly in the village hall or the chapel vestry.

1970    Centenary of the present chapel building. Reverend and Mrs Eirian Rees were received as members.     
Rev. D. Eirian Rees was made a deacon and invited to preach at least one Sunday a month.     

1973    A meeting to ordain Y Parchedig D. Eirian Rees as the honorary minister. Membership 64.

1974    The chapel was painted.

1976    41 new members were received during the year.

1977    A new bathroom and kitchen was built on the chapel house at a cost of £6,806.84c.

1980    It was decided to repair the vestry and build an extension at a cost of £6,600.
Celebration of the 110 anniversary of the present chapel. membership was 143.


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